About Debra Corey

Award-winning, serial entrepreneur Glenn Elliott tells the 10-year story of Reward Gateway -- its growth from startup to $500m category leader in employee engagement technology. He charts the pitfalls and learnings that came from challenging the status quo and changing how companies think about their people, their cultures and the bottom line. He explains the Engagement Bridge(TM), a 10-part model for building a highly engaged, durable and profitable connection between your organization and your people.

Debra Corey brings 30 years of experience in HR, with senior-level roles at Fortune 500 companies like Gap, Honeywell and Merlin Entertainments. She shares insight and practical tools from companies as diverse as Southwest Airlines, American Express, Atlassian, LinkedIn, McDonald's and Estée Lauder. With her trademark practical and engaging style, she shares ideas for companies big and small, young and old, each of them invaluable for anyone wanting to kickstart their own employee engagement "rebelution"!

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