About Christina del Villar

Christina Del Villar is a 25-year Silicon Valley marketing executive and go-to-market veteran. Oh man, the stories she could tell. She has worked with some of the best and brightest, from Elon Musk and Larry Elison, to Condoleezza Rice and Sebastian Thrun (father of the self-driving car). She has worked for, consulted with, and advised over 50 companies, from large to small, start-up to 100+ years old, to help develop go-to-market and marketing strategies. She has helped companies reach the next level, whether that be exponential growth, acquisition, or IPO.

Over the decades she has seen a huge skills gap between what marketing professionals have learned and what is needed for them, their organizations, and their company to succeed. She has been educating and indoctrinating her own marketing teams on a methodology, the GRIT Marketing Method, to help bridge this gap. One that allows marketing professionals to build smarter programs, be more efficient, and exponentially grow revenue to improve overall company performance. This allows them to be more influential and impactful.

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