About Doug Dennerline

Doug Dennerline is the CEO of Betterworks, the leader in strategy execution software for enterprise companies. He has been working in Silicon Valley since 1982 - starting with HP selling the first PC, followed by 12 years at 3Com, and 12 years at Cisco, massively scaling those companies. In his last role at Cisco, he became the CEO of Webex post the acquisition of Webex by Cisco. He has been running SaaS companies ever since. He's worked for many famous leaders - Marc Benioff, John Chambers, Lars Delgaard - and learned many lessons about what it takes to grow and scale high-performing teams. Hint: it's not an annual review, followed by a pat on the back and standard raise. Doug was the president of SuccessFactors which was the first company to move the performance management process to the cloud and was ultimately acquired by SAP. Jamie Aitken is the VP of HR Transformation at Betterworks. She has more than 25 years of experience spearheading organizational development, leading HR transformation, and implementing employee engagement strategies. She is a McKinsey-certified facilitator who has been instrumental in cultural transformations for national and international organizations.

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