About Tim David

A cross between Simon Sinek and David Blaine, Tim David writes the kinds of books he likes to read. He supports his writing habit by... SPEAKING Tim regularly presents highly entertaining, high-content programs at conferences, meetings, and events on the importance of human connection in a digital world. http: //www.TimDavidSpeaks.com BLOGGING Tim writes about how to use the secrets of the human brain to be more connected and influential with your prospects, employees, board members, boss, children, and even your spouse. Sign up for his weekly email updates. You'll look forward to them. http: //www.GoodAtPeople.com BACKGROUND AND PERSONAL LIFE For eight years, Tim made his living as a magician and mentalist touring the country to make people laugh and think. Shortly after starting a family, Tim switched his focus to translating the lessons he learned from show business to the world of "real" business. HOBBIES Besides being a neuroscience nerd and a psychology junkie, Tim can be seen on a disc golf course, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mat, or being overly competitive at yard games. Tim lives with his wife and three young children in Massachusetts.

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