About Roxanne Emmerich

Roxanne Emmerich has consulted with half of the nation's top 1% performing financial institutions as well as hundreds of other business leaders. Her book, "Profit-Growth Banking," has been called "the bible of successful business." A 20-year management consultant and three-time Entrepreneur of the Year winner, Roxanne has proven that companies grow when their people grow. "Thank God It's Monday! "outlines a system for bringing profits and fun to business. She shows how to create a "Thank God It's Monday" workplace with employees on fire and a bottom line that proves it. She uses her "Kick-Butt Kick-Off" strategy to create immediate culture shifts and achieve tangible results. A member of the National Speakers Hall of Fame, she is noted by "Sales and Marketing Management "magazine as one of the most requested speakers for instilling a "bring it on" attitude. She has written hundreds of articles and is frequently interviewed by national media for practical business insights. A distinguished alum of the University of Wisconsin, Roxanne served as a key advisor to former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson and as Editor-in-Chief of "Extraordinary Banker" magazine. She is also the founder of Permission to Be Extraordinary Summit, an executive breakthrough program run by her company, The Emmerich Group. Roxanne resides in Minneapolis with her husband and children.www.EmmerichGroup.com

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