About Morten Heedegaard

Morten Heedegaard has more than 25 years of experience working in several international companies across different industries, and 15 years of leadership experience in various positions. His experience includes leading commercial sales and marketing operations covering more than 15 European countries, several years on the management team of a multi-country consumer goods company, and extensive functional experience in marketing, sales, export management and customer partnering and development. Aiming to grow both customer satisfaction and company results, he has been leading and facilitating projects up to a European scale within the areas of sales, marketing, innovation, finance and supply chain, and he is appreciated for his ability to orchestrate projects and workshops that range from operational who-does-what-how workshops to multi-day management team sessions. He believes that continuous development of people, tools and processes is a prerequisite for an organization's continuous success. And it all starts with leadership.

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