About Don Khouri

Don Khouri, PhD, is a speaker, author, and certified executive coach. He is an expert in personal productivity, organizational design, and building high-performing teams.As a former vice president with responsibilities in software development, quality assurance, program management, and market data systems, Don has a track record of guiding highly complex, corporate-wide technology programs from inception to completion. He previously served as organizational advisor at the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, consulting with the Institute's directors on organization and implementing project management discipline.Don is also managing director of Fortune Management Northeast. Fortune is the country's leading executive coaching firm for dentists.Don's academic credentials back up his broad and unique work experience. In addition to a PhD in human and organizational systems, he holds a BS degree in Management Information Systems and Quantitative Methods from Babson College (the number one rated school in Entrepreneurship), an MBA from Boston University focusing on organizational behavior, and an MA in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University.

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