About Alan Randolph

Ken Blanchard, an internationally recognized consultant and bestselling author, is chairman of the Ken Blanchard Companies. He is the author or coauthor of twelve previous books, including The One Minute Manager. His books have collectively sold more than twelve million copies and have been translated into twenty-six languages. John P. Carlos is a Senior Consulting Partner with The Ken Blanchard Company, as well as a management consultant and trainer. He speaks internationally on topics such as legendary service, leadership, and team spirit, as well as empowerment. Alan Randolph is an internationally known management consultant, educator, author, and speaker. His client roster includes Caterpillar, Household International, and E.I. DuPont, among others. A senior Consulting Partner with the Ken Blanchard Companies, he is also a professor of management and director of global business practicums at the University of Baltimore's Merrick School of Business.

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