About Beth Storz

Adam Hansen is VP Innovation/Innovation Process Consultant at Ideas To Go and a career-long innovation leader, student, and devotee. He has served on the board of the Product Development and Management Association and as an innovation and strategy expert with select causes in education and health care. Outside his work, Adam enjoys his family, music, and the woods surrounding his home in northwestern New Jersey.
Ed Harrington is CEO at Ideas To Go and has spent a lifetime helping a who s who of corporate America come up with new and innovative ideas. He cut his teeth on marketing and new products at P&G before opening Ideas To Go s New York metro office, advancing to President and CEO. He is a board member at the Yale Center for Customer insights and cites Albert Szent-Gyorgyi s quote, Discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what no one else has thought as the encapsulation of his approach to innovation.
Beth Storz is President/Innovation Process Consultant at Ideas To Go with a rich history of helping companies and brands be more innovative. Her love of facilitation and helping people discover their own creative and innovative potential fuels her own need to try new things and explore new ways to approach problem-solving whether that's taking the lead on developing new innovative processes, or figuring out how to make the most of her vegetable garden each year. Beth spends her free time with her husband and sons laughing, traveling, and enjoying life.


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