About Bill Schley

Bill Schley is an award-winning branding expert, author, speaker, and a lifelong entrepreneur. He is co-founder of the strategic branding firm BrandTeamSix, known for creating the Dominant Selling Idea and Micro-Scripts at some of the world's most successful companies. He began his career as a writer at legendary Ted Bates Advertising Agency-the original Mad Men agency in New York-where he won an Effie Award for sales-effective advertising. In addition to The Micro-Script Rules, Bill is the author with Graham Weston of The UnStoppables (Wiley), a New York Times Best Seller; Why Johnny Can't Brand (Penguin Hardcover), which won the award for Top 5 Marketing Books of the Year by Strategy+Business Magazine, and best-seller The Power-of-Ten (HarperCollins). He has appeared on CNBC's Street Signs, CNN's Money Online, and numerous syndicated radio programs. He is an avid sailor, skydiver, and a graduate of Harvard University. Visit his site at www.brandteamsix.com Listen to: The Brand Brothers-his Nobel Prize-winning podcast with Lorenzo Gomez www.brandbrothersshow.com

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