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About Hariom Tatsat

Hariom Tatsat currently works as a Vice President in the Quantitative Analytics division of an investment bank in New York. Hariom has extensive experience as a Quant in the areas of predictive modelling, financial instrument pricing, and risk management in several global investment banks and financial organizations. He completed his MS at UC Berkeley and his BE at IIT Kharagpur (India). Hariom has also completed FRM (Financial Risk Manager), CQF (Certificate in Quantitative Finance) and is a candidate for CFA Level 3.

Sahil Puri works as a Quantitative Researcher in the Analytics Division at P.I.M.C.O. His work involves testing model assumptions and finding strategies for multiple asset classes. Sahil has applied multiple statistical and machine learning based techniques to a wide variety of problems; examples include: generating text features, labeling curve anomalies, non-linear risk factor detection, and time series prediction. He completed his MS at UC Berkeley and his BE at Delhi College of Engineering (India).

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