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Humanize It: Bring five-star sparkle to your customer interactions and watch your business flourish.

Micah Solomon, Leonardo Inghilleri

January 16, 2008

"The best thing you can do for your business is not about new technology, brute force, or first-mover advantage. It's something simpler. And more dependable. Humanize each customer interaction, in order to turn your product or service into much more than a commodity. In your customer's mind, commodities are interchangeable and replaceable. (A dangerous state of affairs for your business.) Humanized relationships are not. And here's some more good news: with the world moving at breakneck speed, your competitors are never going to catch up with your newfound knowledge about building lasting customer relationships. Why? Because they're busy. Busy spending their money fishing for new customers to replace the old. Busy trimming profit from their pricing so they can appease a less-than-loyal customer base. Most of all, because they'll never believe how much difference a loyal customer can make to a business. Especially in today's revolutionary, lightning-speed marketplace. Watch for these competitors in your rear view mirror. And don't worry: they won't be closer than they appear."

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