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Perfecting Your Pitch

November 20, 2013

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"Have you ever been faced with settling family financial squabbles, asking for a raise, offering tough but constructive criticism, rejecting a friend or relative's request for a loan, selling and holding to a price, making budget denials and requests, dealing with customer objections, or negotiating a contract where you feared the other side had all the leverage? And, like me on occasions, you then spoke words to solve the problem and in an instant thought to yourself: 'WOW, why did I say that?' How often do we come out of an important discussion or a negotiation and ponder what we could've done differently to achieve a better result? Having been involved in all of these situations and an array of other business and personal communications challenges throughout my career, I systematized how I managed them. More recently I decided to articulate for others that system and how it allows us to find and speak the 'words that work' so that we're not left thinking 'Oh I wish I had done/said that differently.'"

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