The Art of Significance: Achieving The Level Beyond Success

Dan Clark

July 10, 2013

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"We achieve success by doing what is necessary to get what we want, but often end up in a completely different physical and emotional place than we thought we would be. It's like the pilot who took off at the equator to circumnavigate the globe. Because his course was off by just one degree, by the time he returned to the same longitude, he was lost. An error of only one degree had taken him 500 miles off course, where he ran out of gas and crashed. No one wants his life to end in a place he didn't intend—a destination of meaningless selfishness, or in a crash caused by regrets. But all too often we don't realize that an error of a few degrees has set us on a course for disaster, and as Oliver Wendell Holmes said, 'We die with our music still in us.' As I've traveled the world and interviewed the most famous and influential people on the planet, I've discovered that many of their lives have not been as wonderful as perceived. While giving themselves over to fortune and fame, they surrendered their capacity to live as well-adjusted, fulfilled human beings. Yes, I admire the way these individuals have excelled, but I've also seen the costs up close of a single-minded focus on success."

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