Grow Up and Lead: A Manifesto

January 29, 2014

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"Let's get a few things straight right from the start: Leadership is not about coming to work on time, dressing professionally or having a firm handshake. Leadership is not about 200 carefully worded phrases or five shortcuts to credibility. Leadership is not about calling people out or gloating. The moment you think, 'I've got this' is the very same moment you've lost it. Leadership is one of the hardest things you will ever do. And make no mistake about this... you are on your own. This leadership discussion is not about correcting something that is wrong in a performance review kind of way. I walk in the shoes of a leader every day and don't always come out on top. It's what we as leaders choose to do when we are at the bottom that defines us. There are leadership voids to fill in our workgroups, organizations, groups, clubs and communities and you are perfectly positioned with interest and intent to fill. You are selling yourself and your leadership short if you are listening to that voice in your head that is telling you that you can't do this and that this call is meant for someone else. Listen closely, this call is for you. Leadership is a choice. Sometimes you choose it, other times, it chooses you."

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