The Four Faces of Change: A Tool for Change Readiness

Kevin Allen

July 23, 2014

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"Even though I had fought my way in to the mighty McCann Erickson one of the world largest advertising agencies, I still thought of my internal age as (still is), 13. While my business card may have had a fancy title, inside I was terrified. What on earth would I say? What would I do? [...] The answer came in the strangest form, from the most unlikely place. That weekend as I visited my family I shared my fears. My mother spoke up, 'It's simple, give them your love.' Ugh! I was exasperated by what seemed to be a perfectly ridiculous observation, a moment of momentary insanity. Now, Mom is one of those people who doesn't just see the glass as half full, she sees it as overflowing onto the table. She pursued her point, 'It doesn't matter what they're doing for a living, all people are just like us—families—and every person in that family has a sense of belonging. You lead the family, and they need to know you'll care for them. They'll do things for you if they think you are genuine, and if they see that they'll follow you anywhere.' Drucker, watch out. I don't believe much in change 'management.' That suggests we have the power to change forces much greater that we are. I do very much believe in change readiness—preparing yourself and your team for the opportunities that change affords."

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