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2021 Porchlight Business Book Awards Call for Entries is Now Open!

September 01, 2021


Any book published in the U.S. within the year 2021 is eligible to submit, and submissions to the awards are free.

Porchlight Book Company invites submissions for the company’s 15th annual Business Book Awards, which celebrate the best books in the business genre and all those in the industry who guide them to life.  

The year 2021 has been one of moving forward and learning, growing from what we have experienced and from what we’ve survived. Amidst so many unknowns, we read books that helped us navigate the challenges posed to our companies and the struggles we encountered as individuals and a society, always seeking to become a better whole in the process. As a business and as individuals here at Porchlight, it became more evident than ever how important these books are—that reading about and acting on these subjects helps make for better companies and people to be around, which in turn helps communities flourish. It is not about changing the world through business—though every company undoubtedly does to some extent, for better or worse—so much as it is about changing business to make it better for the world. 

So, as we’ve witnessed the business genre expanding in breadth over the years, our business book awards have expanded with it. They have also extended beyond it at times. We always seek out the business books we feel are most important at this moment, but also books we believe are most important for businesses to be reading in response to the moment. Our focus is on how to keep business human. After all, what are businesses without people (and vice versa)? We are interested in not only the financial aspects of business, but the personal and political, psychological and societal, in how people care for one another and the Earth, and in how businesses can serve their customers and communities in a just and sustainable way.  

All books are judged on the quality of the writing, the originality and applicability of their ideas, and their commitment to helping us understand and navigate the world around us. 

Books published in the U.S. in the year 2021 are eligible for submission within the following categories: 

Leadership & Strategy 

Seeing the big picture, making decisions, and inspiring the organization. 

Management & Workplace Culture 

Motivating people, guiding processes, and managing projects. 

Marketing & Sales 

Building audience, creating customers, and driving loyalty. 

Innovation & Creativity 

Thinking creatively, designing solutions, and fostering entrepreneurship. 

Personal Development & Human Behavior 

Growing as people, understanding others, and building a career. 

Current Events & Public Affairs 

Expanding awareness, exploring the world, and building better businesses and communities. 

Narrative & Biography 

Learning from the stories of individuals, companies, and industries. 

Big Ideas & New Perspectives 

Imagining the future and exploring possibilities 

All submissions to the awards are free. For more information, the entry form, and to peek at past awards, they can be found here. 

Announcement dates for the 2021 Porchlight Business Book Awards:

October 1: Call for entries closes 

November 18: Longlist announcement 

December 16: Shortlist announcement 

January 13, 2022: Business Book of the Year announcement 


Click here to submit to the 2021 Business Book Awards! 

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