65 Roses and a Trunki: Defying the Odds in Life and Business

65 Roses and a Trunki: Defying the Odds in Life and Business

By Rob Law

"Rob Law is the designer and inventor of the award-winning and best-selling children's ride-on suitcase and children's travel brand Trunki. Famously he went on Dragon's Den and was told that his business was worthless and would never be a success. He's now sold over 3. 5 million suitcases. 65 Roses and a Trunki explains how he overcame overwhelming obstacles to create a hugely successful British business.


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Book Information

Publisher: Wiley
Publish Date: 07/27/2020
Pages: 240
ISBN-13: 9781119628590
ISBN-10: 1119628598
Language: English

Full Description


An inspirational success story that shows how anyone can be a champion, overcome challenges and create a better world for yourself and others

65 Roses and a Trunki: Defying the Odds in Life and Business, is the extraordinary success story of entrepreneur Rob Law, designer and inventor of Trunki, the award-winning children's ride-on suitcase that's sold millions of units worldwide.

Born with cystic fibrosis, Rob watched his twin sister die from the same illness at sixteen. Told he could not expect to live into his twenties, he made a promise that he was going to defy the odds and live a long and successful life. Despite being humiliated in Dragons Den where his business was described as "worthless", Rob went on to create a new category of consumer product, build a global business brand, become an accomplished athlete, get an MBE from the Queen, bring joy to millions of children all over the world and become a father to three children after being told he would die childless.

After beating overwhelming odds on the road to success in his personal and professional life, Rob wrote this memoir to help anyone facing difficult challenges in life and business. From brand-building and harnessing your creativity to managing a chronic health condition and facing your demons, you'll learn how to defy the odds, follow your passion, keep fighting when experts are telling you to quit and overcome every challenge you face.

65 Roses and a Trunki is a life-affirming book. Drawing on key insights from personal and business psychology, it tells an inspirational story that can be your story too.

About the Author

Rob Law is a business leader who has defied enormous personal and professional odds to achieve success. In the wake of being one of the most famous rejections on BBC's Dragons' Den, he successfully pioneered Trunki, the brand behind the much-loved ride- on suitcase for tots.

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