ABM Is B2B.: Why B2B Marketing and Sales Is Broken and How to Fix It

Sangram Vajre, Eric Spett

Identifying the reasons why marketing isn't reaching its full potential, this reference provides a maturity curve to help companies navigate their way to being great and share a comprehensive TEAM Framework and seven resources to put the TEAM Framework into practice.


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Book Information

Publisher: Ideapress Publishing.
Publish Date: 09/03/2019
Pages: 0
ISBN-13: 9781940858951
ISBN-10: 194085895X
Language: English

Full Description

Instant Bestseller on Amazon in Marketing and Sales FACT: Less than ONE percent of all leads become customers. As a business, how can you break that trend and achieve client fidelity?

In this book we reveal the secrets behind the framework that will sell and retain your customers.

Did you know that less than one percent of all leads become customers? It is a true and shocking stat, but there is a way to stop the waste and flip this around.

In this highly anticipated book, we reveal the secrets behind our signature TEAM - Target, Engage, Activate, and Measure - framework to transform your approach to market, increase sales, and retain your ideal customers.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is the new B2B. It's time to challenge the status quo of B2B Marketing and Sales, and transition to what the business arena already expects as the updated B2B model.

A transformation like this can only happen through an account-based approach that unites marketing, sales, and customer success teams (go-to-market teams) as #OneTeam. In summary, the TEAM framework coupled with the account-based approach enables your company to focus on the target accounts, engage them in a meaningful way, activate the sales team with top tier accounts proactively, and finally measure success based on business outcomes over vanity metrics.

It's time to take the lead and transition your business to ABM.

The process is simple when you have the right book - ABM is B2B. What are you waiting for?

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