Accelerating Growth: A Blueprint for Strategic Transformation

Accelerating Growth: A Blueprint for Strategic Transformation

By Vern Davenport

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Does your company have unrealized potential. Do you see a great opportunity in your market that you're not equipped to take advantage of. Do you dream about how successful your company could be with the right assistance. QHP Capital has been finding companies like yours for years, investing in them, and providing them with a framework for transformation and growth called The Management System.


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Book Information

Publisher: Forbesbooks.
Publish Date: 06/04/2024
Pages: 216
ISBN-13: 9798887503431
ISBN-10: 8887503435
Language: English

Full Description

Transform Your Company and Achieve Phenomenal Growth

How did Azurity Pharmaceuticals grow from $30 million of revenue and $5 million of EBITDA to over $500 million of revenue and $200 million of EBITDA in just five years? How did Catalyst Clinical Research transform itself from a startup with eighteen employees and $12 million of revenue into an industry powerhouse with nine hundred employees and $150 million of revenue in just four years? The answer is: they partnered with growth investment private equity firm QHP Capital and deployed The Management System, QHP's phenomenally successful framework for transforming companies that are at a growth inflection point.

Is your company at an inflection point? Do you see great potential for transformation and growth but don't know how to make it happen? Transformation is possible. Rapid, significant growth is possible. But you need a blueprint for getting there.

Finding financial investors is not enough. Money is only the starting point. Any investments in your company must be used intelligently and purposefully, or it will just be money down the drain. What you need is a proven methodology for getting your company from where it is now to where you dream of it being. Accelerating Growth describes how The Management System makes that possible.

About the Author

Vern Davenport was the CEO at several companies before cofounding QHP Capital. He developed The Management System, with help from colleagues, as CEO of Misys Healthcare, a company that had lost its way but had immense potential. The Management System was highly successful at Mysis, and when he founded QHP, he made the system the cornerstone of QHP's work with its portfolio companies.

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