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Alisha's Testimony: Living set free and apart from sexual sin

Alisha L Boykin

This inspirational Christian memoir chronicles spiritual encounters with demons, encounters with Jesus Christ, a testimony of turning away from sexual sin, asking for forgiveness, and asking God to direct one's path.


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Book Information

Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Publish Date: 10/20/2021
Pages: 124
ISBN-13: 9781685150020
ISBN-10: 1685150020
Language: English

Full Description

This inspirational Christian memoir chronicles some spiritual encounters Alisha L. Boykin had with demons, as well as some more pleasant encounters with Jesus Christ. She shares her testimony of turning away from being involved in sexual sin of sleeping with a man, not her husband, becoming celibate, asking for forgiveness, asking God to direct her path and allowing him to choose the God-ordained husband he created for her. Alisha hopes readers will learn from her mistakes.

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