Art of War: Ancient Wisdom . . . Modern Twist

The Art of War: Ancient Wisdom . . . Modern Twist

By Sun Tzu

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Adagio's contemporary edition of Sun Tzu's 2,500-year-old masterpiece is a beautifully presented, accurate, brief and concise version for all warriors--battlefield, boardroom and bedroom.


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Book Information

Publisher: Adagio Press.
Publish Date: 11/16/2016
Pages: 64
ISBN-13: 9780996767750
ISBN-10: 0996767754
Language: English

Full Description

Read the original Sun Tzu The Art of War and you'll see, feel and taste a striking difference: it is quite unlike the entertaining facsimiles that appear across the publishing universe today.

The original was carefully planned and designed to be accurate, brief and concise: short, punchy bullets, all well categorized and numbered for easy retrieval and reference. There were no lengthy explanations about each bullet, no editorials by armchair, paper-qualified warriors.

Our 60-page edition of The Art of War was compiled and edited in the high spirit of those brilliant minds who wrote The Art of War, and was designed to be a highly readable and accessible field manual for all warriors--battlefield, boardroom, bedroom--rather than a detailed historical perspective or critique for academics and history enthusiasts.

The editor of the current version served as a US Army Airborne Ranger with the 1st Ranger Battalion and as an overseas corporate security specialist.

During his service in US military and civilian special operations, he accurately learned and successfully implemented firsthand many elements of The Art of War.

This contemporary edition of Sun Tzu's masterpiece is just as, if not more, relevant today as it was 2,500 years ago. In the current geopolitical environment, our military and civilian leaders should be taking Sun Tzu's wisdom to heart, and implementing tactics and strategies that will ensure we do not engage in any further wars, battles or skirmishes.

Sun Tzu teaches us that war is unnecessary . . . peace is always the goal.

About the Author

Sun Tzu (c. 6th century BCE) was a Chinese general whose life is shrouded in mystery. It is believed that he served King Helu of Wu, and that he rose to fame as a result of his successful military exploits.

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