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Artificial Intelligence Influences Marketing Strategy

Johnny Ch Lok

Chapter FourWhy and how (AI) judgement tool can judgement what utility factors are to influence consumer emotionIn emotion and utility both aspects, they include these situations.


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Book Information

Publisher: Independently Published
Publish Date: 03/30/2019
Pages: 400
ISBN-13: 9781092135535
ISBN-10: 1092135537
Language: English

Full Description

Chapter FourWhy and how (AI) judgement tool can judgement what utility factors are to influence consumer emotionIn emotion and utility both aspects, they include these situations. I shall explain how and why emotion and utility factors can influence consumption behaviors in these different situations as below: (1)In the first situation is brand factor, the brand image, product quality, product knowledge, attitude and(2)brand loyalty intangible factor will attract the consumer individual purchase.For example, luxuryproducts, e.g. luxury fashion brands of clothing. Brands like Zara from Spain and H&M from Seweden began to produce catwalk-style fashion at low cost offering consumers of luxury fashion alternatives at low prices.Nowadays, the luxury fashion sector is the fourth largest revenue generator in France, and one of the most remarkable sectors in Italy, Spain, the USA and the potential markets of China, Russia and India. The luxury industry has increased having a huge youth in demand. The luxury consumer have much choice in products, shopping channels and pricing of luxury products. It has possible relationship of age, gender, income and other demographic factors with purchasing intentions to influence the rational and emotional buying behavior regarding luxury fashion products.(2)The second situation concerns the decision-making of make or female consumers are possible experience an emotional desires and cognitive ( reasoning) mind in purchasing choice process. Their emotion includes negative or positive buying emotion and mood management and cognitive process components include cognitive deliberation, planning buying with the exception regard for the future.University had been using analysis of variances tests, male and female students were found significantly different with respectaffective process components including positive buying emotion, and mood management and cognitive process components include planning buying.Significant differences were also found between the following product categories: shirts/sweaters, skirts, coats, underwear, accessories, shoes, electronic hardware, computer software, music, CD or DVDs, sports, memorabilia, health /beauty products and magazines/books for pleasure reading. No differences were found in regard to suits/business wear and entertainments. The investigate proved that some products will have different emotion influence to cause female or male students whose final consumption decision to buy the kind of product. So, the difference od male and female students will have emotion influence to make purchase decision to buy the product in consuming choice process.(3)The third situation concerns search advertising factor, e.g. online search to influence consumption behavior. Advertising is possible one method to persuade the consumer to choose to buy the product, even the consumer does not know the product exists. For example, proper cloth, a company based in New York, has a site on the social networking site Facebook. Whenever the company posts a new photos of its clothes, all its face book " fans" automatically receive the information on their own face book pages. "We want to hear what our customers have to say." It seems online advertisement is a potential promotion method to promote any new attractive products to sell to let publicity to know to buy. Internet is one popular communication tool to be used by youth today. So, when one company can have one website to let any youth to find and enter to the website to discover any new things easily. It will cause many consumption chances to let online potential clients to attempt to choose any products to make purchase decision from online advertising tool easily.

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