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Building a Business with a Beat: Leadership Lessons from Jazzercise--An Empire Built on Passion, Purpose, and Heart

Judi Sheppard Missett

"Proven methods for turning any passion into major profits - from the legendary entrepreneur who turned her idea into a $100 million global powerhouse"--


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Book Information

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Publish Date: 06/25/2019
Pages: 288
ISBN-13: 9781260441307
ISBN-10: 126044130X
Language: English

Full Description

Transform your passion into a profitable business--with the help of the legendary entrepreneur who turned an innovative idea into a $100 million global powerhouse.
Judi Sheppard Missett is a fitness icon who, at just three years old, discovered a passion for dance that would eventually fuel a global dance fitness empire. After an early life spent honing her dancing skills and a career as a professional jazz dancer, Judi had an epiphany: why not combine the art of jazz dancing with the science of exercise to help others achieve a healthier, happier self-image and life? The wildly enthusiastic response from her first 15 students inspired her to launch Jazzercise, Inc., the world's leading dance fitness program with a cumulative $2 billion in global sales.
In Building a Business with Beat, Judi reveals for the first time the secrets behind the company's five decades of enormous success. In addition to helping millions of men and women improve their health and well-being through the fun and fitness of dance, Judi has inspired 8,500 franchisees to achieve their dream of owning and running their own business. Now, through powerful personal stories, practical proven-successful advice and insights, Judi shares how you, too, can transform your passion into a profitable business.
This inspirational guide will teach you how to:
- Create a successful business by discovering and defining your larger purpose- Use your unique perspectives and abilities to enhance the lives of others - Deftly handle everyday obstacles and unplanned events- Develop an open mindset and embrace innovation and new possibilities- Inspire your staff to connect to a purpose greater than day-to-day work, and more
Filled with helpful tips, smart strategies, and no-nonsense advice, this book is essential reading for anyone who has ever dreamed of creating a thriving, purpose-driven business. The author is living proof that when you're doing what you love, it may not seem like work at all.

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