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The Business Transformation Playbook: How to Implement your Organization's Target Operating Model (TOM) and Achieve a Zero percent Fail Rate Using the 6-

Heath Gascoigne Mba

Why do only 30% of business transformation projects deliver on time, on budget and scope, realising the intended benefits while 70% fail. This book uncovers HOBA(R) (House of Business Architecture(R)) Business Transformation framework and provides a practical guide that has helped organisations successfully implement their business transformation.


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Book Information

Publisher: Hoba Tech Ltd
Publish Date: 01/31/2019
Pages: 374
ISBN-13: 9780995777903
ISBN-10: 099577790X
Language: English

Full Description

Why do only 30% of business transformation programmes deliver on time, on budget and
on the scope, realizing the intended benefits while 70% fail?

Uncover HOBA(R) (House of Business Architecture(R)) the Business Transformation framework,
design process and blueprint for increasing your organization's success rate and delivering
the Target Operating Model (TOM).

This book and HOBA(R) framework provide a practical, hands-on tool that has helped
organization's design, build and implement their business strategy and Target Operating
Model (TOM) as part of their business transformation.


  • The five (5) Business Architecture Challenges that Business Architecture, Business Architects and Business Transformators(R) face today, and how HOBA(R) solves them;
  • A comprehensive, systematic and structured Target State Architecture 'Design Process' to not only design the Target Operating Model (TOM) but also implement it;
  • An Agile framework that develops the Target State Architecture, and Target Operating Model (TOM) in an iterative, incremental fashion;
  • The framework that aligns the Business to the Business Strategy;
  • A framework that covers all aspects and questions asked of the business - from the Why, Who, What, Where, How and When? and
  • Reference Models that address the organisation's strategic concerns, Building Blocks that address the operational concerns, and Blueprints that address the implementation concerns, all covered here, plus more.

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