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Career Courage: Discover Your Passion, Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, and Create the Success You Want

Katie Kelley, Katie C Kelley

Changing careers might be one of the scarier transitions adults ever do. But don't let fear keep you back. Find the courage to break free and create your own brand of success!


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Book Information

Publisher: Not available
Publish Date: 03/01/2016
Pages: 240
ISBN-13: 9780814436745
ISBN-10: 0814436749
Language: English

Full Description

How has your answer changed since childhood to the often-asked question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" For most, the answers tend to begin with excited seven-year-olds confidently and excitedly screaming out things like, "A basketball player!" or "A fireman!" or "A cook!" and then ten to fifteen years later those same kids are shrugging their shoulders while saying, "Not sure. Maybe something in accounting?"What happened? (Besides only growing to five foot eight and not being able to even reach the net when you jump.) When did we lose the courage to find our true calling and not just settle for what make sense in today's workforce, or what our parents pushed us toward? Career Courage is meant to help you conquer your fears, shed misguided ideas, and muster the strength to let go of a safe job and stage your next act. Whether you're a college grad contemplating choices, a seasoned professional seeking new directions, or a stay-at-home mom preparing to reenter the workplace, this invaluable guide book poses tough questions about motivation, confidence, character, risk tolerance, and more. The answers will power your journey forward as you learn to: - Clarify what really matters- Express your point of view- Build strong relationships and a robust network- Think like an entrepreneur- Prioritize a truly fulfilling life- And more!Starting or changing careers can be a scary, soul-searching process. Career Courage will give you the strength and guidance you need to break free from your fears and find fulfillment in the workforce.

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