CEO Test: Master the Challenges That Make or Break All Leaders

The CEO Test: Master the Challenges That Make or Break All Leaders

By Adam Bryant and Kevin Sharer

"Despite all the effort through the years to understand what it takes to be an effective leader, the challenges of leadership remain enormously difficult and elusive; even today, most CEOs don't last five years in the job. The demands to deliver at a consistently high level can be unforgiving. . . These challenges are brought into their highest and sharpest relief in the corner office, but they are hardly unique to chief executives.


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Book Information

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press
Publish Date: 03/02/2021
Pages: 224
ISBN-13: 9781633699519
ISBN-10: 163369951X
Language: English

Full Description

No one can be totally prepared to become the leader. But judging by turnover numbers in the CEO ranks, many aren't prepared at all. For CEOs and aspiring leaders to succeed, they need to shift their mindset. Rather than focus on the skills needed to become a great leader, they must focus on the most common challenges and causes of failure in the job. This indispensable guide prepares aspiring for the seven challenges they're bound to face once in the job and learn from the voices of leaders themselves how to overcome them.

  • Authoritative and credible voices who've worked with hundreds of CEOs.
  • Practical and well organized into the biggest challenges CEOs will face.
  • Good read with plenty of stories from the front lines.

Audience: High-potential leaders, aspiring leaders, aspiring CEOs, current CEOs, HR executives.

About the Authors

Adam Bryant is senior managing director and partner at the ExCo Group, where he works with hundreds of ambitious leaders rising through the ranks.

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Adam Bryant is managing director of The ExCo Group, a leadership development and mentoring firm, where he's worked with hundreds of CEOs. Prior to this he was a journalist for 30 years, including at the New York Times where he created and authored the massively successful Corner Office column in which he interviewed CEOs about their key leadership lessons.

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