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Change the Way You See Everything Through Asset-Based Thinking

PH.D. Kathryn D Cramer, Kathryn D Cramer Ph D, Hank Wasiak

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, that perception is reality, and that a single strength can overcome a world of obstacles. These three powerful ideas converge in the breakthrough work, Change the Way You See Everything


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Book Information

Publisher: Running Press Adult
Publish Date: 03/07/2006
Pages: 152
ISBN-13: 9780762427239
ISBN-10: 076242723X
Language: English

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May 30, 2008

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Full Description

This brilliantly simple book on the philosophy known as Asset-Based Thinking, instills success-oriented habits in even the most die-hard cynic. Its transformational lessons--conveyed through unique photographic metaphors and inspiring stories from real people--reveal how the slightest shift in perception can lead to monumental results in both business and in life. ABT is not just positive thinking, but rather a systematic observation of "what works." Kathryn Cramer, an acclaimed corporate consultant, and Hank Wasiak, a creative icon of the advertising industry, have produced a work that looks and works like no other business or self-help book-because it IS like no other book. Change the Way You See Everything is a revolutionary approach to every aspect of life that bears not just reading, but re-reading, and sharing with people in your circle. You'll never look at the world the same way again.

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