Character Is Destiny: Reflections on Innovation & Integrity from Volvo's Longest Serving CEO

Character Is Destiny: Reflections on Innovation & Integrity from Volvo's Longest Serving CEO

By Pehr Gyllenhammar

In Character is Destiny , Pehr Gyllenhammar shares recollections of his 24-year tenure as CEO of Sweden's Volvo Group as well as his experiences in the international business community, as a Track II diplomat, and in the highest circle of global industrialists, politicians, and power brokers. He offers a compelling assessment of the characteristics necessary for a business or a leader to achieve longevity in today's world and takes a hard look at the state of the post-Brexit European Union and the US democracy under the disastrous Trump administration.


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Book Information

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publish Date: 11/03/2020
Pages: 220
ISBN-13: 9781642799743
ISBN-10: 1642799742
Language: English

Full Description

Character is Destiny provides a rare and unique glimpse into Pehr Gyllenhammar's professional triumphs and failures; and his successful efforts to shape industry in Europe, most notably with his creation of the European Roundtable of Industrialists which revitalized Europe's infrastructure through projects like the France-England Channel Tunnel.

Character is Destiny also provides a window into his friendships with some of the great luminaries of the world. It is equal parts history, politics, and Gyllenhammar's own personal philosophy--the foundational elements of his life have always been humanism, a fierce commitment to integrity and truth, and a deeply-rooted respect and admiration for the working class.

The author of six previous books published in Sweden, for the first time Gyllenhammar has chosen to create an original English-language book in concert with an American editor/writer. The resulting work is directly relevant to the English-language reader and Character is Destiny offers his own wisdom as to what people must do if they hope to see a future in which global business and democracy will survive.

About the Author

Pehr Gyllenhammar is a Swedish industrialist who served as CEO and Chairman of Volvo for 24 years and founded the European Round Table of Industrialists. He has worked with/served on the board of such institutions as Lazard, Reuters, Rothschild, Chase Manhattan Bank, the Aspen Institute, The Rockefeller University, and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

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