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Critical Thinking Hacks 2 In 1: Why You Should Be Skeptical Of People You Disagree With But Even More Skeptical With People You Agree With

Christopher Hayes, Patrick Magana

Do you want to improve your brain power by thinking critically in your daily life. Do you want to practice logical exercises to better your decision- making skills.


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Book Information

Publisher: M & M Limitless Online Inc..
Publish Date: 01/06/2020
Pages: 306
ISBN-13: 9781646960699
ISBN-10: 1646960696
Language: English

Full Description

Do you want to improve your brain power by thinking critically in your daily life?

Do you want to practice logical exercises to better your decision- making skills?

Are you seeking confidence in your arguments and wish to think more efficiently?

If you find yourself wanting to know more about critical thinking strategies, you've found the perfect solution.

This workbook is for the individual who wants to think clearly and organized - for the person who wants to make the best decisions for themselves.

Critical thinking is a mindset more than a technique.

It allows us to unlock our intellectual independence and gives us wisdom and authority.

Critical thinking involves a slow thought-out experience of deciding whether you agree or disagree. Instead of feeling trapped in that "grey-area" of decision-making, you'll learn how to solve problems with accuracy and efficiency.

The Foundation for Critical Thinking, a non-profit dedicated to promoting education for critical thinking, wrote a 2019 article titled, Our Conception of Critical Thinking.

They state, "Critical thinking is that mode of thinking -- about any subject, content, or problem -- in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing it.

The result? A well-cultivated critical thinker who raises vital questions and problems, formulating them clearly and precisely."

This workbook includes:

  • Critical Thinking Unleashed - How to Improve and Refine Your Thinking Process to Think More Effectively
  • The Art of Critical Thinking - How to Build the Sharpest Reasoning Possible for Yourself

In this guide, you'll discover:

  • An in-depth look at what critical thinking is and how it helps reshape human thoughts of prejudice, over-generalization, common fallacies, self-deception, rigidity and narrowness.
  • The root societal causes for lack of critical thinking skills and the 5 benefits of learning how to think critically in your everyday life.
  • How critical thinking applies to the professional world and how it benefits any career or business and a break-down of various professions that require critical thinking.
  • Critical versus over-thinking and the 3 proven strategies that create a calm and rational mindset which can lead to immense innovation and deep conversation.
  • The top 7 questions you must ask yourself when arriving at a conclusion (to avoid being rash and biased, but instead, rational).
  • How to shift your state of mind to being critical in a 5-step process with ACTIONABLE examples that will accelerate your growth
  • A Guaranteed Way to Improve Critical Thinking - 20+ strategies and techniques to practice your critical thinking skills.
  • A list of over 10 fallacies and biases that are causing self- sabotaging decision-making and how your actions may be causing incorrect judgement throughout your life.

... and much, much more

There's no need to second-guess your decisions anymore.

Critical thinking provides ownership in our beliefs which gives us true freedom of thought.

Click "Add to Cart" now to start taking personal responsibility for your thinking and confidently support what you believe in.

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