Dear Work Something Has to Change

Dear Work: Something Has to Change

By Sara Ross

Chief Vitality Officer of BrainAMPED Sara Ross uses the power of brain science to help you stand out at work--without burning out.


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Book Information

Publisher: Page Two Books, Inc.
Publish Date: 01/31/2023
Pages: 272
ISBN-13: 9781774583197
ISBN-10: 1774583194
Language: English

Full Description

Don't burn out--stand out. Do you find yourself striving for big goals but running on fumes? Are you ever stuck in the frustrating cycle of overworking and under-living? Do you love the work you do--or at least used to--but feel overwhelmed by it? When it comes to work and our relationship with it, something has to change. This doesn't mean you need to bound out of bed every day in love with your work, nor do you need to settle for dragging yourself out of bed surviving your way through it, but you can feel a greater sense of aliveness engaging in it. Dear Work transforms traditional advice by using the power of brain science to show you how to boost your Work Vitality Quotient so you stand out, bringing your best, most energized self--without burning out. Sara Ross, chief vitality officer and leadership expert, will show you how to: - Identify the four "success traps" that limit your potential by luring you into thinking you're doing what it takes when really what you're doing is taking from you. - Adopt a "yes, and" mindset to work better with stress and feel fueled and fulfilled in the process. - Expand your approach to self-care to strategically identify when slowing down is needed and when accelerating in a different direction is even better. In a world that refuses to let up, reigniting your take-on-the-day vitality will be your competitive advantage at work and your path to pursuing a fully lived life outside of it as well.

About the Author

Sara Ross is an international keynote speaker, and the founder and chief vitality officer of the leadership research firm BrainAMPED. Sara's mission is to transform the future of work by using the power of brain science to amplify organizational vitality, helping people work, lead, and succeed in healthy, high-performing, human-centric ways.

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