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Developmental Psychopathology

"The difference between a DP approach and more traditional descriptive psychiatric approaches represented in Child Psychopathology textbooks is clear. The DP approach goes beyond the mere "what" of psychopathology (description of the phenomenology, etiology and epidemiology) to include the "how" of psychopathology.


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Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publish Date: 11/01/2021
Pages: 480
ISBN-13: 9781118686461
ISBN-10: 1118686462
Language: English

Full Description

The mainstream upper-level undergraduate textbook designed for first courses in Developmental Psychopathology

Developmental Psychopathology provides a comprehensive introduction to the evolving scientific discipline that focuses on the interactions between the biological, psychological, behavioral, and social contextual aspects of normal and abnormal human development. Designed for advanced undergraduates and early graduate students with no previous engagement with the subject, this well-balanced textbook integrates clinical knowledge and scientific practice to help students understand both how and why mental health problems emerge across the lifespan.

Organized into four parts, the text first provides students with essential background information on traditional approaches to psychopathology, developmental psychopathology (DP), normal development, and insecure attachment. The next section addresses attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and other problems emerging in childhood. Part III covers problems that arise in adolescence and young adulthood, such as depression, suicide, eating disorders, and schizophrenia. The text concludes with a discussion of special topics such as the relation between pathopsychological issues and divorce, separation, and loss. Each chapter includes a visual demonstration of the DP approach, a clinical case, further readings, and discussion questions. Developmental Psychopathology:

  • Presents a coherent organization of material that illustrates the DP principle of cutting across multiple levels of analysis
  • Covers common psychopathological problems including antisocial behavior, substance use disorders, fear and anxiety, and emerging personality disorders
  • Features integrative DP models based on the most recent research in psychopathological disorders
  • Provides instructors with a consistent pedagogical framework for teaching upper-level students encountering the discipline for the first time

Developmental Psychopathology is the perfect textbook for advanced undergraduate or graduate courses in Child Psychopathology, Abnormal Child Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Family Dynamics and Psychopathology.

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