Finding Fortunato: How a Peruvian Adventure Inspired the Sweet Success of a Family Chocolate Busines

Finding Fortunato: How a Peruvian Adventure Inspired the Sweet Success of a Family Chocolate Business

By Adam Pearson

"Finding Fortunato, a business-adventure-travel-chocolate memoir that takes readers on an up close and personal journey into the northern Peruvian jungle to watch as last chance entrepreneurs accidentally stumble upon a thought to be extinct variety of cacao"--


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Book Information

Publisher: Matt Holt
Publish Date: 06/04/2024
Pages: 288
ISBN-13: 9781637744925
ISBN-10: 1637744927
Language: English

Full Description

Embark on an up-close and personal journey into the northern Peruvian jungle as last-chance entrepreneurs accidentally stumble upon a variety of cacao thought to be extinct, in this chocolate-rich business adventure memoir. Take a front row seat to a family of entrepreneurs searching relentlessly for a sustainable competitive advantage in the wake of many failed attempts at starting a family business. When they inadvertently discover the legendary Nacional white cacao bean in a remote canyon of the Peruvian jungle, the USDA calls it "an unprecedented discovery." The cacao is so rare that even acclaimed author and travel host Anthony Bourdain and chef Eric Ripert trek to this particular jungle to film a segment for Bourdain's "Parts Unknown." With no job and no other way to earn a living, the author's brother, Brian, moves to the jungle to live with cacao farmers--and Fortunato Chocolate is born. The family soon realize that their chocolate dream will only work if they reconceive and disrupt the supply chain. Instead of middlemen hoarding profits and keeping farmers in relentless poverty, they trade directly with them and produce what the BBC hails as "the Rolex of chocolate." Follow along as these intrepid entrepreneurs endure many heartbreaking near-victories and nail-biting adventures, ultimately shaking off failure and finding their competitive advantage in the humble white cacao bean and their ethical direct trade with the bean's farmers. Finding Fortunato is an inspiring and improbable tale that's infused with the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit, and revels in the gut instincts that lead to unimaginable success.

About the Author

Adam Pearson is a successful entrepreneur who has been involved in growing several multimillion-dollar businesses across different industries.

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