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First Impressions: The 42 Laws of First Impressions to Create Lasting Impact in Business and Life

Max Noble

LAW 3: SILENCE YOUR INNER CRITIC What is possible thinking. You have about 60,000 thoughts per day, and between 70-90 percent of those thoughts are negative.


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Book Information

Publisher: Beyond Publishing
Publish Date: 01/08/2018
Pages: 176
ISBN-13: 9781947256156
ISBN-10: 1947256157
Language: English

Full Description

What is possible thinking?
You have about 60,000 thoughts per day, and between 70-90 percent of those thoughts are negative. This is why most people look unhappy. They are having a conversation with their Inner Critic. This villain of your mind makes your life unnecessary hard. How about if you made your Inner Critic into your best friend? The one who protects you, instead of attacking you? Let me show you how.

Dr. Tamara Tilleman
Dean, Professor of Surgery, Best-selling Author. Creator of Excellencier(TM) and Successier(TM) management tools, says;

"Max is the master of First Impressions and a force for good. A warm, trustworthy person who is willing to share his knowledge and his vast experience. He mastered Cuddy's research that showed that trust is the most important factor and went on to create his own innovative techniques. Here is my recommendation: Do not dare to go to any interview without taking Max along as a mentor "

What is the power of the First Impression?
When you show yourself in the world and meet other people, you naturally stir up emotions. This is to be expected. Do not fool yourself into thinking that others do not judge you It is an ancient survival mechanism, rooted in the deepest parts of your brain. You cannot spend your life second-guessing others' motives or nature. We trust our instincts immediately, so the impressions we make are lasting ones.

Have you ever wondered how some people have the instant ability to make you feel better about yourself from the first contact? The connection such people make with you is unspoken, yet you feel accepted, trusted, maybe even delighted. They make you feel optimistic and strong. Why? These people have mastered the Laws of the First Impression.

How to make a meaningful connection?
One of the biggest mistakes people make when they try to create First Impressions is forgetting the other person. Focusing on what you are trying to sell, be it a product, idea or yourself, will not make a sale. What you must do is to focus on the other person from the start, creating a deep connection that develops into a relationship. This authentic relationship will then open up the possibilities you were seeking. In your mind, start with the end. Start with a deep, meaningful relationship.

"First Impressions are about the connection you create with the other person. The connection should be instant, strong and positive."

How to make a powerful First Impression?
First Impressions are deep and powerful, and you can control them. It is easy to take over other people's decision-making process or to motivate an action.

Have you ever found yourself asking yourself, "What was I thinking?" The answer is at the end of this chapter.
"Reactions to First Impressions are predictable, and you can shape them to your use."

Max Noble
Called the Dale Carnegie of the new millennium, Max Noble has a powerful twist on mastering the art of winning friends and influencing people in his soon-to-be classic book, FIRST IMPRESSIONS. As the First Linkedin Show Host and a graduate of the Copenhagen School of Business in Denmark, Noble is passionate about leaving his mark on the world by helping one billion people master the art of FIRST IMPRESSIONS.

You will finish this book feeling more confident, secure and passionate about winning and helping others to win using the Mastery of First Impressions.

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