Forgotten Half of Change: Achieving Greater Creativity Through Changes in Perception

The Forgotten Half of Change: Achieving Greater Creativity Through Changes in Perception

By Luc de Brabandere

By focusing on big transformational changes that come only when rules are broken and perceptions are altered, de Brabandere says businesses can inspire innovation that will enhance their position in the ever-changing marketplace.


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Publisher: Kaplan Publishing
Publish Date: 05/15/2005
Pages: 192
ISBN-13: 9781419502750
ISBN-10: 1419502751
Language: English

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March 03, 2010

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Unlock and Embrace a New Mindset about Business Creativity
The 20th century saw the United States dominate the world of innovation, but at the dawn of the 21st century it’s become pretty clear that the pace of change in a global economy demands not only innovation, but creativity. We must become as good at changing our perceptions as we have become at changing reality.
Inspiring creativity is one of the most pressing needs for American corporations, particularly those in markets that are forcing them not only to improve but transform themselves. Yet true creativity can be had only if you are willing to break the rules that have locked you in a set way of thinking, not just doing. This unique book will help managers think about how they think. This understanding will help them inspire creativity and sense when it is time to focus on the second half of change—changing perception.
The Forgotten Half of Change differs from other books the same way perception differs from reality. It is at once humorous and humanistic, making fun of our weaknesses yet sympathizing with our challenge to be both active and thoughtful. It entertains and challenges its readers at the same time with an array of examples drawn from philosophy, mathematics, technology, and linguistics. Ultimately, this book may help us regain our ability to astonish ourselves and others.

About the Author

Luc de Brabandere is Europea (TM)s bestselling author on business innovation and a partner in the Boston Consulting Group, a $1 billion international strategy management consulting firm.

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