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Fortune the Greatest Business Decisions of All Time: Apple, Ford, Ibm, Zappos, and Others Made Radical Choices That Changed the Course of Business.

Editors of Fortune Magazine

Provides stories behind the greatest business decisions ever made, featuring examples from such companies as Samsung, Intel, GE, Softsoap, Nordstrom, and Boeing.


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Book Information

Publisher: Liberty Street
Publish Date: 09/30/2013
Pages: 207
ISBN-13: 9781603209786
ISBN-10: 1603209786
Language: English

Full Description

Decisions equal success--nothing happens until one is made. Businesses make millions of decisions every day. But once in a great while a leader makes a truly game-changing decision that shifts not only the strategy of a single company but how everyone does business. These big decisions are counterintuitive-they go against the conventional wisdom. In hindsight, taking a different direction may seem easy, but these bet-the-company moves involve drama, doubt, and high tension. What made Apple's board bring back Steve Jobs to the company? How did Johnson & Johnson decide to recall every bottle of Tylenol after a poisoning scare that involved only a small batch of the drug? What made Henry Ford decide to double the wages of his autoworkers, and how did that change the American economy for the next century? Here management consultant Verne Harnish, the CEO of Gazelles, and Fortune's editors provide the background stories behind the greatest business decisions of all time. In this fully original book, you'll get a glimpse into the thought processes leading up to these groundbreaking moments and will learn how the decisions have shaped the thinking of today's top leaders. The book also contains an insightful foreword by management guru Jim Collins, the author of Built To Last and Good To Great, which explains the importance of decision making in creating a successful company.

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