Greater Fortune: Essential Lessons from the Entrepreneur Who Bought the Company That Fired Her

Greater Fortune: Essential Lessons from the Entrepreneur Who Bought the Company That Fired Her

By Marie Cosgrove

In this inspiring self-help book, business expert and frequent speaker Marie Cosgrove details the obstacles and hardships she overcame on the road to buying the company that fired her--and making it an industry leader.


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Book Information

Publisher: Benbella Books
Publish Date: 03/02/2021
Pages: 272
ISBN-13: 9781950665389
ISBN-10: 1950665380
Language: English

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Full Description

"Cosgrove's story will resonate with readers looking for tips on conquering whatever obstacles they encounter." --Publishers Weekly When she refused to take a pay cut, Marie Cosgrove was cut loose. So she started her own business . . . and a few years later, she bought the company that had fired her. She didn't give up--she became greater. And you can, too. Whether it's everyday problems or seemingly insurmountable challenges, we all face hardships in our personal and professional lives. In Greater Fortune, business mastermind and motivational speaker Marie Cosgrove guides you in discovering how to use these hardships to propel you forward. Born into poverty, Cosgrove persevered through a tumultuous upbringing and an abusive marriage; throughout it all, she raised four children on her own while struggling to make her way in the business world. Not only did she survive, she turned the lessons of adversity into advantage, becoming a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and innovator in the competitive field of medical devices. Now, she shares what she has learned--from both her successes and failures--with you. Key lessons include valuable insights, tools, and techniques for: - Walking away without guilt from whatever might be holding you back and focusing on the future
- Overcoming fears and responding to disappointment in a constructive way
- Preparing for success and building upon it
- Preparing for failure and learning from it
- Stepping up your game by being bold and taking calculated risks after setbacks
- Jumping on opportunities whenever they arise (especially in challenging times)
- Dealing with toxic people, cutthroat competition, and bias in the business world
- Embracing the future and giving back to others to cultivate continuous growth Just as we all have disadvantages, we all have talents and resources we can tap. In this book, you will uncover your unique opportunities for greater accomplishment and fulfilment, as well as learn how to wield your perceived weaknesses as strengths and use them to achieve success. Greater Fortune is both an inspirational story and a road map to a better life of your own, filled with hard-won wisdom and practical strategies that will help you make the most of the greatness that is within you already.

About the Author

Twelve Years ago, Marie Cosgrove was a single mother of four children when she was fired from balanceback(TM) because she "made too much" in commissions.

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