Guerrilla Deal-Making: How to Put the Big Dog on Your Leash and Keep Him There

Guerrilla Deal-Making: How to Put the Big Dog on Your Leash and Keep Him There

By Jay Conrad Levinson and Donald W Hendon

A major addition to the best-selling Guerrilla Marketing series. Focuses on winning big when dealing with big dogs and other guerrillas. 100 very unique and extremely powerful deal-making weapons plus 265 more. And 400 counter-weapons to overcome each and every maneuver you encounter. Read it--you'll discover such unusual techniques as the swarming ambush and the rule of three.


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Book Information

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publish Date: 01/15/2013
Pages: 262
ISBN-13: 9781614482444
ISBN-10: 1614482446
Language: English

Full Description

Why a book on guerrilla deal-making? Because people envy those who are more powerful than they are. They want to bring the big dog down to their own level. If they succeed, they'll feel better about themselves. That's why Jay Conrad Levinson's guerrilla books have sold over 30 million copies--Jay doesn't just promise to empower small businessmen, he actually becomes the wind beneath their wings. It's a natural! Empowerment! How to get powerful people--big dogs--to do what you--the small guerrilla--want them to do! Your impossible dream--actually controlling big dogs--seems within your reach. (A lot better than just catching their attention.) So millions of people buy Jay's books. And when they're in serious negotiations with big dogs, they'll buy "Guerrilla Deal-Making"!
On top of that, jealousy of big dogs is on the increase, simply because there are more of them to envy today than ever before. In 2010, 8.4 million households in the US had assets of $1 million or more. That's 7-1/2 percent of the 112.6 million households.
There are many other guerrilla vs. big dog situations, not just high-powered buying and selling. Readers will use the 100 very powerful tactics in "Guerrilla Deal-Making" when they
* Deal with their boss
* Go to town hall meetings to talk to pompous politicians
* Deal with their home owners association
* Try to get their medical insurance company to reimburse them in full
8 Deal with uncaring bureaucrats at city hall

About the Author

Dr. Donald Wayne Hendon has valuable information that nobody else in the world has. He has given several thousand seminars and consulted for firms in 36 nations on six continents--from Saudi Arabia to Australia. He has made deals with executives from 54 nations, using more than 300 tactics in his repertoire.

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