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James A Michener

Reprint. Originally published: New York: Random House, 1959.


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Book Information

Publisher: Fawcett Books
Publish Date: 09/12/1986
Pages: 1056
ISBN-13: 9780449213353
ISBN-10: 0449213358
Language: Eng

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"[A] mammoth epic of the islands, [a] vast panorama, wonderful".
America's preeminent storyteller, James Michener, introduced an entire generation of readers to a lush, exotic world in the Pacific with this classic novel. But it is also a novel about people, people of strength and character; the Polynesians; the fragile missionaries; the Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos who intermarried into a beautiful race called Hawaiians. Here is the story of their relationships, toils, and successes, their strong aristocratic kings and queens and struggling farmers, all of it enchanting and very real in this almost mythical place.

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