Homeboy Way: A Radical Approach to Business and Life

The Homeboy Way: A Radical Approach to Business and Life

By Thomas Vozzo

What happens when a successful corporate executive trades in his white-collar to work as the CEO of Homeboy Industries, the most successful gang intervention, rehab, and reentry program in the country?


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Book Information

Publisher: Loyola Press
Publish Date: 02/22/2022
Pages: 192
ISBN-13: 9780829454567
ISBN-10: 082945456X
Language: English

Full Description

Leading with heart, authenticity and purpose, Thomas Vozzo provides a clear path to a new bottom line--including 55 rules to break--bringing the Homeboy Way to life as the perfect anecdote to the massive tidal currents of social injustice and inequities. By every traditional measurement of success, Vozzo was a clear winner. In his world of billion-dollar revenues and million-dollar profits, he knew exactly what shareholders wanted and how to get it for them. Then, through a series of fateful events, Vozzo landed as CEO of Homeboy Industries, the most successful gang intervention, rehabilitation, and re-entry program in the country, founded by Jesuit priest Greg Boyle. "I arrived at Homeboy at a time when I needed to learn more about myself and my life's journey," Vozzo writes. "And after 8 years of working with the poor, forgotten, and demonized people of our society, I've come to learn that I didn't really know as much about life as I thought." Vozzo's enlightening journey leads to his recognition that a radical approach is needed in business and in life: "What Homeboy has taught me is that we need to do business differently . . . . We need to bust up the system, swim upstream, avoid herd mentality." Blending personal stories of his day-to-day with Fr. Greg and the Homies along with counterintuitive business ideas that are changing lives for the better, Vozzo shows you how you can live, lead, and shake things up with toughness, determination, compassion, and grit. That's the Homeboy Way. 100% of author royalties go to support the mission of Homeboy Industries. 2023 Illumination Book Awards Gold Medalist, Inspirational
2023 Independent Press Awards Distinguished Favorite, Business - Motivational
2023 Catholic Media Association Book Awards, Honorable Mention, Catholc Social Teaching

About the Author

Thomas Vozzo was a global business executive with a proven track record, leading highly successful businesses in the service, retail and distribution industries.

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