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Honor Thy Label: Dr. Bronner's Unconventional Journey to a Clean, Green, and Ethical Supply Chain

Gero Leson, David Bronner

The inside story of iconic soapmaker Dr. Bronner’s and their renowned, pioneering supply chain—rooted in sustainable, socially just business.


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Book Information

Publisher: Portfolio
Publish Date: 03/09/2021
Pages: 352
ISBN-13: 9780593087411
ISBN-10: 0593087410
Language: English

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November 18, 2021

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Full Description

If you know Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, you likely know their ebullient labels and the tingling of their peppermint pure-castile soap. But how did this distinctive product labeled “All-One!” and “Spaceship Earth!” garner mainstream adoration for not only its natural soap, but for their ethical commitments? Per former Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario, “They have the best supply chain practices, of course.”

From Dr. Bronner’s head of special operations Gero Leson, Honor Thy Label is the inside story of how a family-run soap company created a new fair trade and organic supply chain from the ground up. Through stories of harrowing setbacks and hard-won triumphs in projects that spanned the globe, Leson illuminates the challenges of building and scaling ethical production for increasingly popular products—and ultimately, the immense benefits for communities and the environment.

In the tradition of Let My People Go Surfing, Honor Thy Label describes a journey to break boundaries of production, making Dr. Bronner’s a pioneer of socially-just business—enacting a radical vision with simple, regenerative and fair trade ingredients. It’s all in the label.

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