Imaginable: How to See the Future Coming and Feel Ready for Anything--Even Things That Seem Impossible Today

Jane McGonigal

A dynamic, optimistic, science-driven work by a futurist and renowned gamer that trains us to see the future as a futurist does--and prepares us to thrive in that future when it arrives (sooner than we think), by the New York Times bestselling writer and designer of alternate reality games.


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Book Information

Publisher: Spiegel & Grau.
Publish Date: 03/22/2022
Pages: 432
ISBN-13: 9781954118096
ISBN-10: 1954118090
Language: English

Full Description

A world-renowned future forecaster and game designer teaches us to envision the future before it arrives--and gives us the tools to help shape the world we want to live in.

The COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most disruptive events in human history, has made it more challenging than ever to feel prepared, hopeful, and equipped to face the future with optimism. How do we map out our lives when it feels impossible to predict what the world will be like next week, let alone next year or next decade? What we need now are strategies to help us recover our confidence and creativity in facing uncertain futures.

In Imaginable, Jane McGonigal draws on the latest scientific research in psychology and neuroscience to show us how to train our minds to think the unthinkable and imagine the unimaginable. She invites us to play with the provocative thought experiments and future simulations she's designed exclusively for this book, with the goal to:

  • build our collective imagination so that we can dive into the future and envision, in surprising detail, what our lives will look like ten years from now
  • develop the courage and vision to solve problems creatively
  • take actions and make decisions that will help shape the future we desire
  • access "urgent optimism," an unstoppable force within each of us that activates our sense of agency
Imaginable teaches us to be fearless, resilient, and bold in realizing a world with possibilities we cannot yet imagine--until reading this transformative, inspiring, and necessary book.

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