Indirect Work: A Regenerative Change Theory for Businesses, Communities, Institutions and Humans

Carol Sanford, Ben Haggard, Pamela J. Hinds

Make a profound and lasting difference with your life. Start with understanding regenerative change.


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Book Information

Publisher: Interoctave, Inc..
Publish Date: 03/22/2022
Pages: 140
ISBN-13: 9780989301398
ISBN-10: 0989301397
Language: English

Full Description

Make a profound and lasting difference with your life. Start with understanding regenerative change.

It's within our grasp to transform with a paradigm of systematic change and ensure we affect every level of life. The possibilities of personal, organizational, and even global evolution are right before us.

In a time when meaningful change is limited by error-filled practices conceived before quantum science, outside wisdom communities, and without an understanding of living systems, it's time to re-think. Instead, embrace a theory based on the oldest and most proven way to create systemic change.

Combining over four decades of author Carol Sanford's research and experience with rich traditions of Indigenous and lineage sources and quantum cosmologies, Indirect Work translates living systems understanding into a practical human technology for daily life at home and work. Through foundational wisdom and exercises for self-discovery, this guide will illuminate your understanding of the unlimited power of regenerative change and how we can become agents for a world that works for all alive.

You're about to discover:

  • How to develop your consciousness and engage as a systemic change agent for the success of life's systems working as a whole.
  • Strategies to evolve an organizational culture to one smarter and more courageous at tackling change.
  • Self-directed personal agency while considering the effects on other people and the world around you.
  • On-demand, higher-level thinking to process how complex systems and circumstances are unfolding in real time.
  • Better methods to break old patterns of working that lead to degenerative outcomes.

Shift your mind to work with counterintuitive transformation consistent with how living systems work. Get Indirect Work for a path to self-motivated, evolutionary change in service to a greater whole.

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