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Innovation Mentality: Six Strategies to Disrupt the Status Quo and Reinvent the Way We Work

Glenn Llopis

GROWTH AND EVOLUTION IN TODAY'S BUSINESS REQUIRES A NEW LEADERSHIP MINDSET The Innovation Mentality is a transformational journey--an urgent call-to-action for leaders like you to immediately apply evolutionary thinking, strengthen your wisdom, achieve significance, embolden business models, and reinvent the workplace to create and sustain a real competitive advantage in the marketplace.


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Book Information

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
Publish Date: 02/14/2017
Pages: 250
ISBN-13: 9781599186030
ISBN-10: 1599186039
Language: English

Full Description

Companies and their leaders need a new strategy for success because, without it, change is merely substitution, not evolution. Simply put, business is becoming less about the business defining the individual and more about the individual defining the business. As individuals creating shared cultures that drive change and foster growth, people feel they are making contributions and connecting to leaders and their companies. As a leader, you need the wisdom and courage to turn the spotlight of accountability on yourself. Problem is, most of us have no idea how to do this. Instead, leaders continue to manage by using old templates and cannot evolve to become the leaders America needs, because those templates stripped them of their identities, leaving them insecure about who they are and how to face change. To change the conversation, we need diversity of thought to stimulate new growth, attract new talent, and generate new marketplace opportunities. That's where Glenn Llopis comes in. Featuring six ways to disrupt the status quo and reinvent the way we work, The Innovation Mentality gives entrepreneurial and corporate leaders the tools they need to work with colleagues and employees to harness the power of positive change for the long term.

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