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Keto Diet Includes 3 Manuscripts: intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet Book 2- The Vegan Keto Diet Meal Plan Book 3- Super Easy Vegetarian Keto Coo

Amy Moore

Are you ready for a massive whole body transformation that doesn't require you to spend hours at the gym, but still makes you look ripped and cuts through your excess pounds.


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Book Information

Publisher: Heirs Publishing Company
Publish Date: 02/28/2020
Pages: 382
ISBN-13: 9789657775677
ISBN-10: 9657775671
Language: English

Full Description

Are you ready for a massive whole body transformation that doesn't require you to spend hours at the gym, but still makes you look ripped and cuts through your excess pounds? Do you want that summer body all year long, just by eating the right foods at the right time?
It's not just possible, it's science. That specialized diet that celebrities pay millions of dollars hiring eating coaches for so they can have the perfect body is basically just the ketogenic diet or keto diet for short. It's not hard to learn, but you do need the right information to activate ketosis and hack your body to cut through all your fat and gain a bunch of lean muscle.
This triple-threat book bundle is three awesome books with so much amazing, life-changing information that it's an excuse-busting powerhouse strategy to finally get you that body you've always wanted, and keep it forever.
In Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic Diet, you've going to learn exactly when to eat, and what to eat to lock in ketosis. You're going to save a bunch of money and time by not constantly pushing your body to eat a bunch of stuff it doesn't want, or need. Plus you get to shed the pounds, gain the muscle, and not fluctuate constantly. Sound too good to be true? There's more.
In The Vegan Keto Diet, you're going to learn specific, delicious recipes so that you can eat tasty vegan foods and respect animals, and the earth, while you activate your keto. Recipes, meal plans, shopping tips, and exact how-to's so you can go vegan and keto at the same time.
In The Super Easy Vegetarian Keto Cookbook, you're going to discover exactly what you need to cook incredibly simple recipes that don't take long, and are impossible to screw up. It's as wonderful for complete beginners to the kitchen as it is for complete beginners to the Ketogenic diet. And it's a complete tool for your kitchen, with plenty of excellent information and recipes for keto and cooking pros, as well.
Inside this three-book-bundle book, you will discover:
Master Keto, and Intermittent Fasting - and How to Make It A Habit
Carbohydrate Cycling Secrets to Avoid Traps and Activate Ketosis Easily how Meat Lovers Can Benefit and Enjoy Vegan and Vegetarian Keto the Exact Science For Hacking Your Body and delicious Breakfast Recipes scrumptious Lunch Dishes
Delectable Dinner Goodness tasteful Snacks and Desserts
A 28 Day Meal Planner (So It's All Done For You )
Easy Access Lists of YES and NO Foods To Simplify Your Life
Everything You Need to Eat Vegan and Vegetarian Keto For Life
If you're ready to unlock the secrets of permanent, easy weight loss, and finally see real results for yourself, then click the BUY NOW button up top to start your new life and better body right now

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