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Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work

Richard Dufour

Through continuous work with educators, the authors have created a more powerful, practical resource for moving forward in the PLC process. This book is an action guide for closing the knowing-doing gap and transforming schools into PLCs. It also includes seven major additions that equip educators with essential tools for confronting challenges.


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Book Information

Publisher: Solution Tree
Publish Date: 05/06/2016
Pages: 304
ISBN-13: 9781943874378
ISBN-10: 1943874379
Language: English

Full Description

Discover how to close the knowing-doing gap and transform your school or district into a high-performing PLC. The powerful third edition of this comprehensive action guide updates and expands on new and significant PLC topics. Explore fresh strategies, models, and tips for hiring and retaining new staff, creating team-developed common formative assessments, implementing systematic interventions, and more.


  • Build a shared knowledge of critical vocabulary and the concepts underlying key PLC terms.
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to model effective reciprocal accountability.
  • Make honest assessments of your school by examining conventional practices from a fresh, critical perspective.
  • Take immediate and specific steps to close the knowing-doing gap.
  • Move beyond planning, and start doing.


Introduction to the Third Edition

1 A Guide to Action for Professional Learning Communities at Work

2 A Clear and Compelling Purpose

3 Building the Collaborative Culture of a Professional Learning Community

4 Creating a Results Orientation in a Professional Learning Community

5 Creating a Focus on Learning

6 Creating Team-Developed Common Formative Assessments

7 Responding When Some Students Don't Learn

8 Hiring, Orienting, and Retaining New Staff

9 Resolving Conflict and Celebrating in a Professional Learning Community

10 Implementing the PLC Process Districtwide

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