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The Little Buddhist Monk & the Proof

Cesar Aira

Two completely different stories by the inimitable César Aira


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Book Information

Publisher: New Directions Publishing Corporation
Publish Date: 05/30/2017
Pages: 224
ISBN-13: 9780811221122
ISBN-10: 0811221121
Language: English

Full Description

The Little Buddhist Monk is a story of Asian invention gone wild, as a diminutive Korean Buddhist monk acts as a tour guide to an increasingly distraught French couple on a working vacation in the Far East. The Proof brings us quickly back to the West, where two punks, plus a new recruit ("Wannafuck?" is the opening line as the two punk lesbians accost the chubby and shy Marcia on a quiet street in Buenos Aires), take control of a local supermarket with dire consequences for the hostages. These two Aira works are as different as night and day. Nevertheless, sex, identity, and modern day economics figure deeply in both of these fast-paced, edgy fictions.

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