Living With Enlightenment: A Journey of Love

Living With Enlightenment: A Journey of Love

By Brad Laughlin

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At this pivotal moment in human evolution, our biggest lesson is to embrace the courage and wisdom to choose love. Brad Laughlin helps us navigate a path to heart-centered living by using personal experiences from his profound life-partnership with a world-renowned teacher of enlightenment to illustrate and ground universal spiritual truths.


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Book Information

Publisher: Corelight
Publish Date: 06/02/2019
Pages: 346
ISBN-13: 9781931679138
ISBN-10: 1931679134
Language: English

Full Description

We learn who we are through our relationships. Anyone who has had the privilege of being in the presence of an enlightened person or spiritual teacher will appreciate the power of such a learning experience. In Living With Enlightenment, Brad Laughlin recounts the story of his journey of love with Leslie Temple-Thurston, a world-renowned teacher of enlightenment. Brad and Leslie have lived and worked together for the past twenty-five years and share an intimacy and love that is deep, ancient and enduring. Their unconventional love story is at the heart of this book.

Sometimes light and humorous and at other times sad and touchingly intimate, Living With Enlightenment is always profound.

At this pivotal moment in human evolution, Brad's message conceptualizes a necessary shift in consciousness as a move from separation (or duality) to heart-centered unity. He uses personal experiences and memories as a very grounded and practical way of illustrating timeless spiritual truths which are of relevance to us all. The collection of stories form a map, navigating a conscious path to realization of the Self.

Although the book is autobiographical in nature, it acknowledges that our memories--whether painful or pleasurable--are merely aspects of the egoic self. Ultimately, our life's journey is about transcending the personal self and awakening the awareness of the vast, eternal Self.

Most importantly this book is about living in truth and love. As humanity and our beautiful, fragile blue planet confront unprecedented challenges, our biggest teaching is to embrace the courage, insight and wisdom to
choose love.

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