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Mastering Your Inner Critic and 7 Other High Hurdles to Advancement: How the Best Women Leaders Practice Self-Awareness to Change What Really Matters

Susan Mackenty Brady

IT'S TIME TO STOP QUESTIONING YOURSELF-- AND START TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR SUCCESS How many times did your inner critic pop up and talk you down today.


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Book Information

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Publish Date: 11/29/2018
Pages: 272
ISBN-13: 9781260440607
ISBN-10: 1260440605
Language: English

Full Description

How many times did your inner critic pop up and talk you down today? Or, tell you someone else wasn't good enough? Is your inner critic running rampant, thwarting your advancement as a leader? You may have never called your inner critic out or confronted its harsh ramblings until now, but it's time
Mastering Your Inner Critic offers first-hand hard-won advice for scaling the hurdles that prevent you from controlling that little voice. It's time to counter those nagging questions that torment you--with positive solutions that empower you.
"DO I KNOW WHAT I WANT?"Learn how to conquer self-doubt and clarify your goals. Be honest and true to yourself.
"CAN I DO THIS?"Yes, you can. This book shows you how to build your confidence from the inside out.
"HOW DO I ASK FOR WHAT I WANT?"Master the secret to expressing your needs.
"WHY CAN'T I DO IT ALL?Stop doing too much to prove yourself and start equipping and empowering others.
"WHO HAS THE TIME?"Rely on your relationships and networks to get the support you need to tackle anything.
Filled with inspiring anecdotes from accomplished women at various stages in their careers, as well as proven strategies any woman can use in the workplace, this unique and self-motivating guide helps you confront your inner critic, face your hurdles head on, and achieve the goals that really matter--to you.

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