Milestone: The Strangest Conduit

Milestone: The Strangest Conduit

By Gus Antos and Mark Robison

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When Mark and Gus met, they didn't know they'd become owners of a $100M company in the home services industry. After Mark and Gus overcame start-up hardships and real-life crisis, and found creative solutions to challenges they never imagined, the values they instilled and their interaction with community became the heart and soul of Milestone.


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Book Information

Publisher: Writers of the Round Table Press
Publish Date: 12/28/2020
Pages: 130
ISBN-13: 9781610660884
ISBN-10: 1610660889
Language: English

Full Description

When Mark and Gus met, they couldn't know they would one day be the owners of a $100 million company in the home services industry. Building from the spirit of their first meeting, the two men started something unique in the world of business-something they hope can serve as an example.

While they shared every business owner's dream of success, it wasn't money that was most important. At first, it was the challenge of overcoming start-up hardships alongside real-life crisis, learning the ropes, and finding creative solutions to challenges they never saw coming.

By keeping their eyes on what they considered most important-faith, family, and excellence-each challenge Gus and Mark encountered while growing Milestone into the household name it is today was solved with love, loyalty to the vision, and compassion for the greater North Texas community they served.

How they grew their company, the values they put in place, and the changes they brought about within their community became the heart and soul of Milestone.

Discover the elements they employed to create a company that works not just for its customers but for its team members and its community. Within these pages, you will learn how Gus and Mark turned each roadblock they met into an extraordinary opportunity to grow personally, professionally, and organizationally all while remaining true to their core values and beliefs.

With more than sixteen hundred team members and their families bleeding red and yellow, the company's colors, Milestone's journey from that first serendipitous meeting to today has had its share of bumps and bruises, but it now consistently delivers the triple win the company prides itself on.

Upon reading this book, you will have an idea of how to incorporate personal values into a thriving, dedicated, well-orchestrated team of individuals pulling toward the same objective.


In 2004 Mark Robison and Gus Antos cofounded Milestone Electric, a home service company that has since grown to over five hundred team members. Milestone has been awarded countless honors, including SMU Business School of Cox "Top 100" and Dallas Morning News Best Places to Work, but the organization is most distinguished for the six hundred thousand (and growing) customers served across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Mark lives in Rockwall, Texas, with his wife Sabrina. They are proud parents to three children, Justin, Danielle, and Amanda, whose wonderful spouses are Kambria, Austin, and Gus! Yes, Gus married Mark's oldest daughter, Amanda, in 2007. Gus and Amanda live in Heath, Texas, and are proud parents to sons Dean and Alexander. Mark and Gus continue to develop the expansive vision for the Milestone enterprise, all in an effort to serve and influence the greater Dallas-Fort Worth community in the name of Jesus Christ.

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